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Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Naples, FL
Protecting the people that power your business

Making Workplace Safety a Reality

In addition to a good salary and a positive working environment, all employees expect one thing from their employers: security. The knowledge that the company has their back, no matter what. Workers’ Compensation Insurance is there to fully safeguard your employees from work’s most expected -as well as unexpected- hazards and give them the help they need to get back on their feet.

Reality-Proof Coverage For Your Staff

While many states do require employers to provide some level of workers’ compensation, the mandated coverage may not be enough to safeguard your entire staff base, including seasonal staff, independent contractors, and/or agricultural workers from workplace accidents or risks. Moreover, state-required coverage may not reflect the realities of your business operations, leaving dangerous gaps in coverage that leave you open to litigation or serious business activity interruptions.

That’s why we recommend requesting a custom workers compensation insurance consultation. With the help of some key data about your business, we guarantee that we’ll find the best combined policy to fulfill all your employee-protection goals at every budget.

More Than Just a Policy

Our comprehensive plans protect your company and employees through thick and thin.


The situations that similar insurance policies typically cover include:

Injuries or Treatments

This coverage helps pay for employee medical expenses after an accident on the job.

Lost Wages

This coverage helps pay for employees’ lost wages if they can’t immediately return to work due to injuries or illness.

Your Local Insurance Agency

A Local Name You Can Trust For All Your Insurance Needs

The Muzzi Group is more than an insurance brokerage. We’re our clients’ strongest advocates and most dedicated advisors, helping them reach the levels of protection they need to keep their families and properties safe since 1977. By working with us, you’ll always have access to:

Affordable Rates

Policies to fit every budget, every time. That’s the Muzzi Group guarantee!

Great Savings

We scour the market for the best deals and discounts, so you won’t have to.

Vehicle Protection

Giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t in your property coverage plans.

Comprehensive Coverage

Create the perfect liability umbrella by mixing and matching plans and providers.



Questions? Consult our handy FAQ to get even more in-depth information about the following insurance topics:

How are the premiums calculated?
The premiums for this insurance type are calculated based on criteria such as company size, salary levels, safety record, and core business activities.
What are examples of workplace situations covered by this insurance?
From office staff developing eye-strain from too much computer work to an employee getting into a car accident while delivering company goods, workers’ compensation insurance covers employees as long as an injury or medical condition happens while performing work-related activities. Slip and falls or accidents related to machinery usage are common examples.
What doesn’t this insurance type cover?
Any injury or condition that happens independently of an employee’s regular work-related activities.

What Our Customers Say

Learn more about us from our satisfied customers’ experiences. 
  • Grasshopper Group Accountant

    Choosing the right insurance coverage for my growing family had never been as easy as it was when I contacted the Muzzi Group, and I don't plan on going back!

    The Wilson Family
  • Grasshopper Group Accountant

    After shopping around for commercial insurance online and from other brokers, I was able to secure the cheapest quote fromThe Muzzi Group II Inc with the desired benefits for my business. I would recommend The Muzzi Group II Inc.

    David Thontron
  • Grasshopper Group Accountant

    When you operate and own a small business, every cent counts. So I appreciate the fact that I found an insurance broker that doesn't just care about making a profit, but also about my business' bottom line and safety in case things go south. Knowing they've got my back is priceless.

    Maximum Movers
  • Grasshopper Group Accountant

    The weather here is unpredictable. The only way you can protect the things that matter is by finding trusted insurance broker who will be with you every step of the way, and that's what the Muzzi Group is for me.

    Alan P

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